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Dancer Roster

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2017 Empire Dance Team 

 Top Row (L-R): Tatum, Emily, Ciarra, Janelle, Bri, Emma, Maggie, Ryann 

 Bottom Row: Taylor , Sydnee, Dani, Haley, Taylor , Chrisha

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Letter from Director/Owner, Maggie Kazemba


Spokane Elite Dance Studio opened its doors in June of 2010 and we have been growing and thriving ever since.  I have been blessed by the support of the Spokane IFL, Washington State University Spirit Squad, West Valley High School and all of my friends and family. I am also extremely proud of the talented group of instructors I have on staff and I am confident in their ability to provide quality instruction to every student.


My approach to dance stems from my educational and professional background in architecture. In my opinion, true architecture is a marriage of form and function, and similarly dance is a marriage of artistic expression and technical skill. It is where the athlete meets the artist and where beauty grounds itself in structure and discipline. Mastering dance, in its entirety, is what will give you or your child the competitive edge needed to accomplish whatever goals they may have.  I am also a strong advocate for cross-genre training, encouraging dancers to attempt new styles of dance so that their education becomes deeper and well-rounded.  Because of my coaching positions with the Spokane Empire Dance Team and Washington State University Crimson Girls, I have established contacts throughout the collegiate and professional dance world.  It is my mission to ensure that every one of my students with aspirations of taking their dance career to the next level has the tools to do so. If you have specific goals, make sure you let your instructor know so they can better assist you in reaching them!




Maggie Kazemba
Spokane Elite Dance Studio, Owner & Director
Spokane Empire Dance Team, Director & Choreographer
Washington State University Crimson Girls, Director


For more on Spokane Elite Dance Studio visit or call 509-891-5678